GITCO production facilities are well equipped and staffed to meet any custom-engineered parts and equipment needs – small or large. Our production workshops are listed as follows:


Our metalworking workshop, covering an area of about 2,000 square meters, is used for cutting and forming the metals and is equipped with various types of the following machines:

Band and disc saws machines

CNC plasma cutting machines

Sheet metal straightening machines

Guillotine machines for sheets up to 25 mm thick with length 6 m

Press brake machines for sheets up to 20 mm thick with length 6 m

Rolling machines


The company has a large independent machining workshop in an area of about 10,000 square meters. This workshop which are equipped with more than 100 various machines, is able to carry out most of the tasks within our competences. Also, from time to time, we invest in new machinery in order to fulfill customer needs. In this workshop we able to work on all kinds of materials such as carbon steels, stainless steels, superalloys, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, copper), or forging, among many others.

Our machining workshop comprise the following sections:


CNC milling 3 and 4 axis

CNC machine center

CNC gantry milling machine

Horizontal boring

Turret milling

Heavy duty milling

Manual milling


Vertical CNC lathe (Carousel)

CNC Lathes

Hand lathes


Radial drills

Standing drills

Multi Spindle Drills


Surface grinding machine,

Cylindrical grinding


Straight and helical gears up to: Ø 800mm and up to 10 module

Worm gears up to: Ø 200mm and up to 600 mm long

Bevel gears up to: Ø 250mm and up to 6 module


EDM Wire cut machine

EDM drilling machine


The machining workshop has a dedicated hand finishing section which is equipped with various polishing machines. Indeed, hand finishing of turbine parts is a lost art and the people that do this specialized work can be called Master Craftsmen. At GITCO, we have highly skilled operators that can polish parts while maintaining close tolerances and surface finishes required for high performance turbine parts, like airfoils.


In our machining workshop, a section for mass finishing process is devoted. Mass finishing is frequently used for deburring, burnishing and rust and scale removal, as well as brightening and polishing parts and component surfaces. This section is well equipped with vibratory finishing machines.


Welding is one of our primary fields of work. Skill, quality and accuracy are the three basic principles in our welding workshops. Our welding technicians supported by modern equipment possess a high level of expertise. This enables us to present a wide range of different welding procedures.
We currently have 36 professional welders who all are audited and certified by an independent third party according to ISO 9606-1&2. Our welders have certificates in many different groups and categories (80 different certificates, currently). If required for highly specialized work, we will be happy to have our welders certified to the exact specification you need. In addition, we work according to welding procedure specifications (WPS) supported by a welding procedure qualification record (WPQR).
At GITCO, all weld joints are assessed for quality in accordance with ISO 5817. We can weld most types of metal, regardless of dimension, size or shape. We also make large and small prototypes and batch runs.


Welding of all products made of carbon steel are dedicatedly performed in three equipped halls in an area of 9000 square meters. Our welding department can carry out many welding tasks using stick welding (SMAW), MAG, MIG and resistance welding processes. We can weld everything particularly in for gas turbine, oil and gas industries, and also industrial steel structure from small components to large structures weighing more than 30 tones. Our metalworkers are certified welders who are accustomed to welding according to rigorous requirements.


GITCO welds and manufactures stainless steel products in an independent hall covering an area of more than 6000 square meters. We perform all types of welding process including TIG welding, resistance welding and MIG welding. Our trained and experienced stainless steel welders are skilled in both pipe and sheet welding in almost any metal thickness available. We use Kemppi welding machines for our TIG and MIG stainless steel welding processes


Aluminum welding is an area where our experienced welders use MIG welding to pipe-weld and sheet-weld large aluminum structures. MIG welding is often used to weld metal thicknesses of more than 3–4 mm. TIG welding is the most highly controlled welding method, requiring great expertise and a steady hand. At GITCO, we are certified to carry out TIG welding on large and small workpieces. We use Kemppi welding machines for our TIG and MIG aluminum welding processes.


GITCO has its own production equipment to carry out all the heat treatments required by the customers, with the highest quality standards. The heat treatments cab be performed at GITCO are as follows:

+N (Normalizing)

+T (Tempering)

+QT (Quenching and tempering)

+AT (Solution Annealing)

+A (Annealing)

+N+T (Normalizing and tempering)

Solution and precipitation hardening

Surface hardening

Stress relief

And its different combinations


In addition to the main workshops, we have separate workshops, for sandblasting, pickling and painting of our products in an area about 2000 square meters.


Pipe fabrication is the process of welding piping components such as pipes, elbows, tees, flanges, etc., into engineered piping systems in exact accordance with requirements of our projects or customers’ design. Thanks to skilled fitting and welding personnel, we specialize in providing the highest quality of fabricated piping across a wide range of materials and sizes.


In GITCO, there is a dedicated workshop for assembling complete packages of electro-mechanical and hydraulic systems. The workshop is fully equipped with the necessary facilities to carry out piping activities, goods handling, skid assembly and testing. Our skilled assemblers, piping technician, smiths, electrical and instrument fitters form a team able to carry out all the activities related to modular and skid-based packages
In this workshop, all skid-based products are assembled using a controlled process which is developed entirely within the company.


GITCO has a 1,000 m² dedicated workshop which is well equipped and staffed for assembling industrial electrical panels. Our trained and experienced team of electrical engineers and technicians are capable to assemble, wire and test various types of industrial electrical panels such as switchgears, distribution panels, control panels, LV, PLC, protection panels, firefighting panels and explosion-proof terminal boxes in compliance with the international standards and regulations.


GITCO provides packaging services and mechanical running test for industrial turbines up to 70 MW by trained and experienced staff. For this purpose, we have a special equipped workshop in an area of over 3000 square meters with overhead cranes of 25, 10 and 10+5 tons with 15 m under the hook. Our team is proficient in package services for gas turbines, steam turbines and gas compressors