Compressor blades for gas turbines is one of the main products of our company. GITCO can produce different types of compressor rotor blades, stator vanes and inlet guide vanes in stainless-steel, titanium and nickel alloys. In our company, the big blades are produced through machining of forging preforms while the small ones are milled from bars. Our expertise and equipment allow us to manufacture complex shapes of compressor rotor blades and stator vanes from the big stages up to the small ones with excellent quality and competitive price.

We are also able to supply the parts with additional manufacturing operations such as brazing, shot peening, vibro-finishing and coating, where applicable and according to the customer demands. Furthermore, the parts can be supplied as ready-for-assembly on which are performed frequency test, weight moment measurement and calculation of the assembly sequence.

GTICO currently produces turbine blades and vanes in accordance with the following technologies:
• Siemens SGT-600
• Siemens V94.2
• GE Frame 5, 6, 9

We are also capable to produce other turbine blades through reverse engineering.