GITCO produces a series of explosion-proof electrical enclosures manufactured in either stainless steel or mild steel can be used in hazardous areas. The enclosures are designed and certified by ATEX as increased safety and intrinsically safe enclosures for a wide range of industrial applications in hazardous areas zone 0 and 1 and ambient condition -30°C to + 65°C. These enclosures can be fitted with an arrangement of components or can be supplied empty as component approved for the clients own certification requirements. The enclosures may be employed as:

Junction boxes fitted with approved EEx e terminals or blue EEx i terminals for intrinsic safe circuits according to customer requirements

Enclosures for customer built applications and as an instrument or apparatus box.

Control or Power Distribution Box

Monitoring & Signaling Box

High Voltage Junction Box

Splicing Wires Box

Marshalling Panel

Pull Box

These enclosures are available in a wide variety of size (more than 80 sizes). Our certified high voltage range of the junction boxes can be used for maximum rated working voltages of 11 kV.
For more details, see the technical data sheet HERE