Inauguration of Ghadir Turbine Plant in Yazd with the presence of the President

President 17 Aban 1398 Turbine factory; The manufacturer of gas transmission line compressors in Ghadir Industrial Turbines Company of Yazd inaugurated the subsidiary of oil turbocharger companies. And Reza Rahmani, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, accompanied the President.
According to the Minister of Oil, 65% of Iran’s gas transmission operations are carried out using turbines made in the group of oil turbochargers. After opening and unveiling the memorial plaque of this factory, Dr. Rouhani visited different parts of this production unit and During the final stages of construction of gas turbines in this factory. The managers of different departments of gas turbines production provided their explanations and informed the president about the production process of these turbines.
According to the factory managers, Ghadir Industrial Turbine Production Unit of Yazd has an annual production capacity of 24 turbochargers.

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