The CEO’s speech

YAZD GHADIR INDUSTRIAL TURBINES CO one of the subsidiary companies of OTC Holding, which operates in the field of oil and gas industries and in the supply and manufacturing of equipment and parts related to gas turbines, and is one of the few companies that offers a wide variety of the mentioned parts from engine parts. Mainly supplies and produces turbines to peripheral and electrical equipment.
By reviewing the status and developments of the gas turbine industry, we find that currently, many pipelines and pressure boosting stations are used to transfer gas to different parts of the country, which is necessary for both the transmission of gas in this network and its stability. to the turbocompressor. As one of the largest turbo compressor manufacturers in Iran, OTC company operates in this field, which has about 75% of the country’s gas industry compressor market.
On the other hand, due to the increasing demand of global markets for energy and especially gas as one of the cleanest fossil fuels, there is a good market for the export of this product. In recent years, due to the sanctions, Iran has not managed to gain a good share of this market and gas sales are only limited to some neighboring countries such as Iraq and Turkey.

Iran’s neighbors are Pakistan and Afghanistan, which can be a good market for this product. that if Iran’s gas pipelines are acquired and connected to these two countries, the field of gas export to other countries located in the east of Iran, such as India and China, will be provided, and these two countries, considering the process of industrial development, use gas as An important energy factor is in urgent need.
If the government succeeds in developing the gas export market to the east of Iran, it will be very important to create gas transmission infrastructure from the gas sources in the south and southwest of the country to the east.
In this regard, OTC as one of the turbocompressor manufacturers can play an important role in supplying the equipment needed for this transmission network, which will be a stable and stable market for the company for at least the next 10 years.
On the other hand, in recent years, due to the developments that have taken place in the country and the change in climatic conditions and global warming, the amount of electricity consumption in the country has increased, especially in the hot seasons, so that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Energy, the country is at the peak of electricity shortage. At least 10,000 megawatts of electricity are available, and on the other hand, due to sanctions and the lack of modernization of the country’s thermal power plants, the electricity shortage is actually more than this amount.
Also, due to the government’s recent policy of freeing energy prices, especially in industries, and the requirements of industries with electricity consumption of more than 1 megawatt per year, many industries are inclined to build power plants themselves.
Therefore, the electricity sector is another suitable market for gas turbine generators, which according to the recent activity of OTC Group can provide a suitable market for OTC and its subsidiaries.{
On the other hand, considering the global attitude towards providing energy from clean sources such as the sun and wind, it will be very appropriate for OTC company to make investments in this field and to increase the technical capacity and in order to build wind and solar power plants. Do your own engineering.
Ghadir Yazd Industrial Turbines Company, as the largest OEM of OTC Company, produces a huge part of turbine parts and accessories for OTC Group. Therefore, the more the sales market of gas turbines or other types for OTC company develops, it is natural that the market of Ghadir company will also develop in the same proportion.
On the other hand, considering the existence of nearly 1000 types of turbines in the country and the relatively long life of these turbines, Ghadir Company can play an important role in this regard as one of the manufacturers and suppliers of the main turbine parts. Moreover, during the year 1400, useful measures have been taken in order to communicate with the country’s oil, gas and electricity industries in order to show their ability.
Being one of the top producers of various industrial equipment and parts in the fields of energy and infrastructure, especially industrial turbines, is a mission that the board of directors of the company, with the support and participation of expert and committed personnel, and using all the available capacities in the company. We intend to do it and with the help of Almighty God and using important strategies such as development of engineering power, development of product market, development of technology and continuous improvement of processes, we will achieve it.